March 9, 2011

Make Your Own Chicken Ladder

I got really ambitious this past weekend and decided to make some ladders for my chicken coop. It will be a long time until my little chicks will be living outside in the coop, but I wanted to get a head start. I headed over the the hardware store and found pre-cut pieces of wood that were perfect for building ramps. I did have to make a few cuts with a hack saw, but other than that it was really easy!  Adjust the length of the ladder to your coop.

I bought three 48" pieces of lath and two 4' x 8" boards (for two chicken ladders)

I cut the lath (by hand, ugh!) into fourteen 8" pieces

I evenly spaced 7 pieces of lath on each board

Then I drilled pilot holes through the lath and the board.

The lath strips were screwed to the board on each side

Add paint or stain if you like

The final result: Two custom made chicken ladders!


  1. I am impressed with your craftiness. Love the color too - is the coop the same color?

    I have some do-it-yourself projects coming up soon. Though none involve chickens unfortunately.

  2. Those are impressive! We're hoping to add a chicken coop in the next year or so (still not allowed thanks to a city by-law).. LOVE the colour too - great choice!

  3. My coop is not turquoise (although that would be really fun). My coop is just a sectioned off portion of my garage. I don't park my car in the garage, so I have all kinds of space. A small portion is divided off for the coop and the rest of the garage is piled high with dry leaves. I'm going to try out using leaves as coop bedding. I hear it can be kind of dusty, so we'll see if it works out okay.


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