July 5, 2011

Battle Wounds

Every year around the Fourth of July, wild black raspberries start to ripen in my area. I went picking for about 2 hours and came home with 2 and 2/3 pounds of berries and shredded arms! I never seem to notice how torn up my arms get while picking black raspberries until it is too late! These scratches aren't particularly painful, but they sure look bad. Last year I had two weddings to attend around July 4th, so I had to abstain from berry picking so my arms didn't look terrible in my fancy wedding garb.

And I know what you're thinking...why didn't I wear long sleeves? Well, unfortunately the day I choose to go berry picking was about 90 degrees. I wore long pants so I could easily bust through the brambles, but I wasn't willing to cook myself to death with long sleeves.

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