July 6, 2011

How I Used My First Homegrown Eggs

I've been getting an egg every single day from my one hen. After losing track of time while taking my written comprehensive exams, I came to the realization that I had collected almost a dozen eggs from her already, but hadn't used a single one!

So how did I use my first homegrown egg? To make chocolate chip cookies of course! I realize this probably wasn't the best way to showcase my first egg, but my boyfriend and I needed some cookies.

My go-to chocolate chip cookies recipe comes from this book. Yes, it's a children's cookbook. I recieved this as a gift from Mom many many years ago. I'm pretty sure she got it from saving up UPC labels back in the day when people did that. I don't know how many promotional toys and LEGO kits my brother's and I got from my Mom's "refund club".

"C" is for Chocolate Chip Cookie! Notice the smudges of this well-used recipe.

After fulfilling our thirst for cookies, I decided I would do something a little more egg-worthy...fried eggs for breakfast. 

The yolks are a fantastic neon orange color. I'm not particularly a fan of friend eggs, but these were pretty tasty. I noticed that the egg shells were really difficult to crack! I'm not sure if the shell is thicker than grocery store eggs, or if the inner membrane is fresher and stronger. I also noticed that the egg white was firm and gelatinous, unlike any watery grocery store egg I've ever cracked.

Later that day, I made my boyfriend and myself some english muffin sandwiches (egg McMuffin style) with ham, egg, swiss, cheese, and honey mustard. Yum! As you can see, even after scrambling the eggs, the whites are still mostly intact because they are so firm. Can you tell how many eggs I used?


  1. I had that very same book back in the day! I wish I stil had it, it was a god one.

  2. I think my other favorite recipe was "T is for Turtle Bread"


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