December 30, 2011

Top Ten in 2011

The statistics function in Blogger is a lot of fun (and I probably waste too much time looking at it). Here's a list of my ten most viewed blog posts of 2011 (with #1 being the all-time most-viewed post):

10. Chickens Out And About - the chickens at Green Zebra Market Garden have their first adventure in the vegetable garden.

9. Introducing: The Lansing Urban Goat Movement! - let's legalize dairy goats in the city of Lansing, MI.

8. Garlic Planting Time - garlic is planted in the fall for harvest the next summer.

7. Do You Feel A Draft? - Checkers the chicken goes through her first major molt.

6. Chickens As Time Keepers - did you know that egg-laying in chickens is influenced by photoperiod?

5. My Take on Wilder Quarterly - my review of the new periodical Wilder Quarterly.

4. Found Object Garden Art - how an abandoned crib became a decorative garden fence.

3. Mangy Chicken - Checkers the chicken starts to molt her feathers.

2. Homemade Beef Jerky - how to make jerky using a food dehydrator.

1. Make Your Own Sturdy Tomato Cages - how to make strong tomato cages using welded wire   fencing.

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